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There are lots of choices in Texas when it comes to colleges and continuing your education. There are big, expensive private universities, small specialty schools and local community colleges and trade schools. Where you end up going depends upon what you want to study, where you live, how many years you can commit to a school and what you can afford.

Many students opt for a business degree. Graduating with a business degree gives a student plenty of employment choices. Some areas of business typically lead to more job opportunities than others. Students who will graduate from a really good college with a degree in accounting, for example, will often find multiple job recruiters at their school during their senior year. Business administration majors, on the other hand, may have to sell themselves a bit more and work a little harder to find the job interviews they are looking for. More on business degrees

Some young people don't want to commit years to college. Some of them already know what type of career they want to get into and it doesn't involve sitting in history, psychology and math classes. For many of these students a trade school or vocational school is the right choice. With a trade school, students can learn just what they need to learn in order to begin working in their new field. More on trade schools

Some students will end up at a specialty school. A specialty school is a small school that is dedicated to just one field, such as art, music or the culinary arts. One of the great aspects of culinary schools is that it doesn't take long to graduate and most students get placed in an intern program at a local restaurant where they can get real job experience. More on cooking courses

And for students who live in a rural area or just can't make it every day to a college campus, there are online classes. Colleges and other schools have developed online courses that students can enroll in and complete without ever needing to leave the house. These online courses work well for some students, often older students with personal responsibilities such as a career or kids. More on online programs

Finally, some students just want to go to school out of Texas. They just want the traditional college experience of moving into a dorm at a university far away. Some wish to combine college with their favorite pastime or passion. Many students, for example, go to school in Colorado because they love snowboarding or skiing.

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