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If you haven't finished your high school diploma yet, but you aren't in high school right now, you have a couple of choices. You can take the classes you are missing by enrolling at a community college and taking those courses, or you could forget about it and just concentrate on earning your GED.

Getting your GED involves successfully passing the GED exam. The GED test is a day-long exam that tests you on five broad areas. There are study guides you should get and work through that will help prepare you to pass the exam. More about this

There are certain college majors that always attract a certain amount of students. Accounting is one of these areas. Accounting is a field where students learn exactly what they need to know in order to find that first entry-level position. Good colleges also prepare their students to do well on the CPA exam, if they decide to take it. More about this

Graphic design is a popular career field for students with artistic talent. Graphic arts and design students learn to turn their art skills into commercial design by often using the latest computer software. More about this

Many students are pursuing graduate degrees these days. One reason is because the job market is pretty soft in some areas. Some students are deciding to just stay in school a little while longer. Others are going to grad school to improve their chances of career advancement. This is particularly true in the business field. An MBA (Master of Business Administration Degree) can really help advancement potential for entry-level and middle managers.

You can also pursue college degrees through online study. With online study, the college you attend could be located in any state — it doesn't have to be in your city. Not all fields of study work well via online courses, but quite a few do. More about this

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