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You don't have to stay in Texas to go to college. While there are lots of schools in this state, sometimes students just want to move a way for a while. Florida has been a popular destination for Texas high school graduates. Florida colleges are generally known for a relaxed atmosphere. More about this

Many young students are applying for engineering school. Engineering has always been a popular field, especially for young men, however more women are getting into the field every year. Deciding upon which area of engineering to go into is the fun part. There are so many different types of engineering, each one having its own positive and negative aspects. More on this

Another popular area is legal assisting. Paralegals and legal secretaries are needed in law offices and government offices all over the country. Paralegals work with attorneys in preparing much of the work that each attorney is responsible for. Legal secretaries (more commonly called administrative assistants) typically work for one lawyer, handling all that lawyer's contacts and preparing documents. More about this

We're seeing a trend with business students graduating from Texas colleges and then immediately enrolling in a graduate business degree program. Years ago, most of the enrollees in graduate business programs were working managers, taking MBA classes part time while continuing to hold their jobs. But today, some college seniors are just going right into an MBA program before testing the job market. More about MBA classes

The area of restaurant and hotel management is still a popular choice for students with work experience in the field. Most students earn a degree in hospitality management after four years of college study. More about this

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